Having grown up in Northern Michigan, I have learned a few things…the water is like nowhere else in the world, the people are even better, and you NEVER know what the weather will bring.  Never.  

This business was born out of a desire to spend more time in the area which I love, and also allow (new) friends to enjoy Northern Michigan to its fullest.  

Whether you are away for vacation or the entire winter, I will periodically survey your home in order to prevent or minimize damages caused by weather, pests or vandalism.  In the event that action must be taken, I will provide a referral if requested, and act as a local contact for service providers, insurance agents, police, etc.  Further, I will happily provide concierge services such as seasonal opening and closing of your home or act as a liason between homeowner and vendors such as house cleaning and lawn maintenance providers. I encourage requests for anything else you may need assistance with.  That's why I'm here, just ask.

Northern Michigan is truly a vacation destination.  Connecting travelers with their ideal vacation home and managing these homes for the owners has quickly become an addition to this business.  I especially work closely with the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival to find housing for their visitors during the months of July and August.  If you have a home you'd like to share, I can find someone who will love it!

My mission with NorthWatch is to provide peace of mind while you are away, and to facilitate the ease and enjoyment of your Northern Michigan home while you're here.


Kelly Coy   Owner/Manager