Why choose NorthWatch Home Monitoring Services?  Let me ask you this:  what do we all want more of?  The simple answer is TIME.  The very nature of this business is to afford YOU more time.


Are you away for vacations or for the winter?  NorthWatch will take care of your home for you.   Reliable service providers and vendors for routine maintenance can be found and scheduled so you don’t have to think about it.  Easy, no hassle, NorthWatch will handle it.


Are you concerned with the idea of leaving your home alone to the possibility of damages due to the elements, vandalism or pests?  NorthWatch will periodically monitor your home in order to prevent or minimize damages.  If a problem should occur, NorthWatch has you covered.  Trusty service providers will be suggested, estimates will be gathered, and progress will be monitored.  Further, NorthWatch will be your local contact for service professionals, your insurance company, the police, etc.


Do you want to avoid placing a burden on your neighbors, friends or relatives?  Your friends and family live in this amazing place we call home too…and they want to enjoy it.  Maybe checking on your place every now and then is fine, but what if something happens and you’re miles and miles away?  Avoid feeling the guilt of being out of town, state or country and/or having to interrupt your vacation by coming home to deal with hassles galore.  NorthWatch can take over.


Do you have to move on to a new place but haven’t sold your Northern Michigan home?  Moving miles away and having to leave your home alone and for sale can be worrisome.  NorthWatch can ensure that regular maintenance is kept up by scheduled vendors and also be in touch with any realtors involved in your sale, making sure the place is in tip top shape for potential buyers. 


Did you just purchase a second home in beautiful Northern Michigan but are new to the area?  Being a newcomer has its disadvantages.  Who do you trust to do renovations on your new home?  Who are the reliable vendors in the area for house cleaning, dock/boat installation, landscaping, and snow removal?  NorthWatch is connected and can guide you toward local people you can trust.


NorthWatch is here to facilitate the ease and enjoyment of your home, but most importantly, your TIME.  Undeniably, we are all fortunate to experience this special place called Northern Michigan.  Make the best of your time no matter where you are…unwind…and choose NorthWatch.