Home Monitoring Services:    $100/month weekly inspection.  $70/month biweekly.  $50/month once per month inspection.

Concierge Services by the hour:    $40/hour  $50/hour on weekends   *  25% discount offered to current Home Monitoring clients ($30/hr and $37.50 on weekends)

Post Storm/Severe Weather:    $30/inspection  $50/inspection on weekends

Vacation Package (1-4 weeks):   $40/inspection

*All hourly fees one hour minimum

*Payment required 1 month in advance for Home Monitoring services.  Any additional charges will be billed  the following month.  Concierge Service payments for the first hour are required at or before the time of service.  Additional hours are billed the following month unless otherwise agreed upon.

*Payment methods:  Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover