Home Monitoring Services   

Routine Inspection

•  Security system
    •  Security Check (doors and windows locked and secure)
    •  Heating and/or cooling systems checked, temperatures recorded, filter checked/changed
    •  Visual inspection of circuit breaker and water heater
    •  Visual inspections for:  mold/mildew, pest infestation, and water intrusion
    •  Sinks and plumbing checked for moisture
    •  Refrigerator checked for proper operation and temperature
    •  Clothes washer checked and run on short cycle
    •  Dishwasher checked and run short cycle
    •  Showers and bath tubs checked for leaks or moisture
    •  Faucets and garbage disposals run to ensure proper functioning

 •  Light shoveling to keep entrance(s) to home clear and open
    •  Visual damage inspection
    •  Visual Security inspection
    •  Collection of mail that may indicate a vacant home

- Email Report per Visit with Pictures if needed
- Referral Services as needed