Concierge Services  

Concierge services include those outlined below as well as any task a client may not have the time for or the local connections and resources to easily accomplish.  In other words, NorthWatch acts as a personal assistant; if you need help, chances are NorthWatch can deliver.


Seasonal Opening    

    •  Coordinate services for:  lawn care, housekeeping, dock and hoist installation, etc.
    •  Plug in all electrical items
    •  Turn on any electric breakers and water mains as needed
    •  Turn on water heater and ice maker
    •  Light cleaning of interior of home
    •  Linens placed in bedrooms/bathrooms
    •  Cycle dishwasher, clothes washer, garbage disposal
    •  Reset clocks
    •  Replace light bulbs
    •  Check smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed
    •  Purchase groceries and stock refrigerator/pantry
    •  Outdoor furniture/decoration placed
    •  Light yard/beach clean up
    •  Set air conditioner/furnace to requested temperature and replace filters as needed
    •  Adjust blinds/curtains
    •  Add salt to water softener

Seasonal Closing   
 •  Coordinate services for:  dock removal, winterization, lawn/landscaping clean-up,
        snow removal, cleaning service, other services if applicable and as requested
    •  Light cleaning of interior of home
    •  Adjust blinds/curtains
    •  Unplug all electrical items
    •  Turn off or unplug water heater if requested
    •  Adjust temperature
    •  Collect and remove any garbage and/or recycling
    •  Confirm that dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, and refrigerator are clean and empty
    •  Security check including doors, windows, security system, etc
    •  Store outdoor furniture/decoration

Post Storm/Severe Weather    
•  Visual inspection for damage to exterior of home/property
    •  Interior water intrusion inspection
    •  Light shoveling to clear entrance(s)

Vacation Package (1-4 weeks)   
•  Collect mail and/or deliveries as needed
    •  Water plants
    •  Perform all included Home Monitoring services
    •  Additional services upon request

Local Contact Liaison Service    
•  Pick-up/receive deliveries
    •  Open/close home for vendors, service providers, police, etc as needed
    •  Record and report progress of projects, repairs, etc


* Additional Services Available Upon Request

* All Concierge Services are $40/hour with a 25% discount to current Home Monitoring Clients unless otherwise noted.

* All hourly fees one hour minimum